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christianzionism clipartPeace in the Holy Land,

A Palestinian Christian Perspective


How Christian Zionism* Impacts the Holy Land

with Jonathan Kuttab and Rev. Dr. Alex Awad


Click here for speaking schedule beginning Feb. 1, 2020.

Raised in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Jonathan Kuttab and Alex Awad are lifelong followers of Jesus, practicing their Christian faith in the places Jesus walked. They were instrumental in starting Bethlehem Bible College, the first and only Evangelical college in the City of Jesus’s birth. Both have taught classes about missions, peace, and the Bible in the Holy Land.

Alex and Jonathan bring their years of knowledge and experience to Churches and Christian institutions across the United States. They offer a unique Palestinian Evanglical perspective on the Holy Land, answering questions many American Evanglicals have, such as:

  • What prevents peace between Israel and Palestine?

  • What does the Bible say to the situation in the Holy Land today?

  • Who are the Palestinian Christians?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities of interfaith dialogue?

    Jonathan and Alex have spent years sharing about these hotly contested topics with Christian love and kindness. They are open to lectures, dialogue, or debates about a wide range of topics. While the tour is geared toward Christian audiences, it will also be beneficial to any people of faith interested in the holy land.

For more information, or to book Jonathan or Alex, please contact Jonathan Brenneman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 419-953-5304.

Awad headshotRev. Dr. Alex Awad
 was born and raised in Jerusalem. A master’s graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY, Rev. Awad and his American wife, Brenda, answered the call to go to Bethlehem where they served as missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church in Israel/Palestine for 26 years. During his tenure, Rev. Awad was a founding member of Bethlehem Bible College Board of Directors, a teacher, Dean of Students, pastor of an international church in Jerusalem and director of the Shepherd Society—the humanitarian arm of Bethlehem Bible College. In June 2015, Rev. Awad was awarded an honorary doctorate at Bethlehem Bible College’s annual commencement. Rev. Awad is the author of two books: Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People and Through the Eyes of the Victims: The Story of The Arab-Israeli Conflict.



Kuttab headshotJonathan Kuttab is an Evangelical Christian Palestinian human rights attorney. Son of a minister with the Church of God (Pentecostal), and later Nazarene Church, he grew up in a Christian home in Bethlehem, studied in the United States at Messiah College (Brethren in Christ) and graduated from the University of Virginia Law School. He is a member of the Bar Associations in New York, Israel, and Palestine. Mr. Kuttab is on the Board of Bethlehem Bible College, and is the Chairman of the Board of Holy Land Trust. He founded a number of human rights organizations including Al Haq, the Mandela Institute for Palestinian Prisoners, and Nonviolence International. He is also active in many other Christian and civil society organizations in Palestine and internationally. He was the Head of the Legal Committee negotiating the Cairo Agreement of 1994 between Israel and the PLO and has been active in peace and justice issues for many years.



*What is Christian Zionism?  

Christian Zionism merges theology and politics. It teaches that the secular State of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Christian Zionism believes that this fulfillment of Biblical prophecy began when European Jews started moving to Palestine in the 1800s, and continued as Israel became a nation in 1948. Christian Zionists believe that modern Israel is a continuation of Biblical Israel and therefore should enjoy special privileges. They declare that it is the responsibility of Christians to support the State of Israel and its policies. ... read more

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