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MOTION by Nominating Committee  to 2018 Annual Meeting Plenary:
The Nominating Committee moves that the membership of IPMN votes to suspend the following sections of our Bylaws until we can organize and build a new network and leadership model.
In the 2019 annual meeting or once the new model is clear, new Bylaws will need to be put in place.

Article V – Officers
Section 1.
Network Officers
The officers of the network will be Moderator, Vice Moderator, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator.
Section 2.      
Terms of Office
The Moderator and Vice Moderator will be elected for a term of two (2) years and are eligible for reelection to another two-year term.
The Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator will be elected for a term of one (1) year and are eligible for reelection without restriction.
Section 3.         
a. Election of officers and Committee Chairs shall take place during the annual meeting.
b. The Nominating Committee will propose a slate of officers after circulating positions for which nominations are needed to the IPMN membership.
c. The proposed slate of nominees will be circulated to the IPMN membership at least 2 weeks before the annual meeting.
d. Nominations from the floor will be accepted after the nominee has agreed to be nominated.
e. In the event of the resignation of one of the officers of the network, the remaining members of the Steering Committee are authorized to appoint a temporary replacement, following a nomination from the Nominating Committee. That position will then be filled on a permanent basis at the next annual meeting, following the procedures set out above.
Article VI– Duties of the Officers
Section 1.        
  1. Conduct all meetings of the Steering Committee
  2. Prepare the agenda for the Steering Committee meetings in consultation with others
  3. Work collegially with the Steering Committee
  4. Receive communications on behalf of IPMN
  5. Communicate information to appropriate persons and organizations
  6. Encourage interest/membership in IPMN
  7. Encourage evaluation of projects and development of a vision for the IPMN and the setting of goals
  8. Actively look for opportunities for networking with other groups with similar interests
  9. Work with a team to plan the annual IPMN meeting
  10. Moderate during the annual meeting
  11. Be the liaison between IPMN and the PC(USA) Louisville offices
  12. When confronted with the need to make a quick decision, the Moderator is empowered to do so after consulting with a minimum of three (3) other members of the Steering Committee.
Section 2.       
Vice Moderator
  1. Work collegially and supportively with the Steering Committee and with the Moderator
  2. Chair the annual meeting planning team
  3. Act on behalf of the Moderator when the Moderator is absent.
  4. Undertake other tasks assigned by the Moderator or the Steering Committee
Section 3.        
  1. Take minutes of the Steering Committee meetings and annual meeting, including a list of those in attendance, and distribute them electronically as soon as possible following the meeting to the Steering Committee. Full minutes are available to IPMN members, upon request.
  2. Be a member of the Communications Committee
Section 4.        
  1. Oversee the management and disbursement of IPMN funds following Steering Committee action
  2. Be a member of the Finance Committee
  3. Present regular reports to the Steering Committee
  4. Participate in fundraising efforts for IPMN
Section 5.         
Membership Coordinator
  1. Maintain the membership rolls of the network, including telephone numbers and email and postal addresses, as well as similar information for friends of the network who do not wish to be members but want to be kept informed of network activities
  2. Work with others in the network to communicate newsletters and other information to the membership
Section 6.        
Communications Coordinator
a.  Coordinate the production of e-blasts of newsworthy items with a writing team and send them to appropriate lists
b.  Maintain and update the Network webpage in consultation with a technical assistant as necessary
c.  Coordinate and write IPMN statements and press releases
Article VII – Committees of IPMN
Section 1.        
Committees of IPMN
There shall be seven (7) standing committees of IPMN, namely, (1) Steering Committee, (2) Nominating, (3) Finance, (4) Communications, (5) Advocacy, (6) Education, and (7) Partnerships.  The Steering Committee shall also have the ability to create additional committees as deemed necessary between annual meetings.
Section 2.        
Steering Committee
There shall be a Steering Committee (SC) composed of the above six (6) network officers, plus the chairpersons of all committees. Up to two (2) other members of the IPMN may be invited to join the SC as ad-hoc or at-large members, as needed, either for limited periods of time or for one year. Such invitations to participate in the work of the SC may be extended as needed, at the discretion of the Steering Committee.
The Steering Committee is accountable to the IPMN membership and is to work collegially to:
  1. Conduct an annual review and evaluation of the programs/projects of the IPMN
  2. Develop planning processes to enable the IPMN membership to set goals and objectives for the future
  3. Establish committees to accomplish the goals and objectives of the IPMN
  4. Discover and utilize the gifts of IPMN members
  5. Approve an annual budget to be submitted for final adoption at the annual meeting, and authorize expenditures
  6. Promote participation in the IPMN
  7. Develop ways of relating to other groups/organizations with similar foci
  8. Communicate with IPMN members regarding its work and alert IPMN members to information concerning Israel/Palestine
Section 3.        
Nominating Committee  
*only section 3.c. needs to be suspended from the standing rules*
c. The Nominating Committee shall nominate the IPMN Officers and the chairpersons of each of the committees.
Section 4.        
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee shall be named by the Steering Committee on an annual basis and include the finance committee chair, the treasurer, and other co-opted members. The committee will:
a. Oversee IPMN finances as handled by the PC(USA)
b. Propose an annual budget to be reviewed by the Steering Committee and approved at the annual meeting by those members present
c. Work together as the fundraising arm of IPMN, maintain lists of contributors, and present proposals to the Steering Committee.
Section 5.        
Communications Committee
The Communications Committee shall have primary responsibility for communications with the IPMN
membership, the PC(USA), social media, and the general public.
Section 6.         
Advocacy Committee
The Advocacy Committee shall have the primary responsibility for evaluating, selecting, and acting upon
nonviolent and peaceful policies that are consistent with network positions.
Section 7.         
Education Committee
The Education Committee shall have primary responsibility for developing, duplicating, and distributing
materials designed to share with congregations, presbyteries, and others information about the realities
and conditions on the ground in Israel and the Occupied Territories of Palestine, and steps that can be
taken to foster peace and justice.
Section 8.        
Partnership Committee.
The Partnership Committee shall develop and facilitate relationships between IPMN and other organizations, both domestic and abroad, which are seeking peace and justice in Israel and Palestine.  The committee shall seek to nurture relationships with churches and organizations in Palestine and Israel with which IPMN and PC(USA) ministers in ecumenical partnerships, and shall also focus on relationships with groups organizing travel to the region and organizations promoting products from the region.
Section 9.        
Other Committees
There may be other committees of IPMN based upon the mission and goals of the organization. These may change from time to time.
The chair/moderator of each committee is a member of the Steering Committee and is responsible for communicating its work and needs with committee members, the Steering Committee and IPMN members.
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