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IPMN Grants for 2018 – 2019


Projects Based in Palestine and Israel

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ)
Dr. Maher AyyadAFEDJ is requesting a grant to support a program to treat and heal malnourished and underweight children at Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. The grant will provide the full cost of treating twenty (20) malnourished/underweight children and provide education and food assistance to their families. The full course of treatment will be delivered by the hospital over a period of six months. 
Grant approved - $5,000 
photo at right: Dr. Maher Ayyad with young mother
tomatoesAmerican Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)
ANERA is requesting this grant to support their program “Sustainable Harvests and Incomes in Gaza.” Since 2010, ANERA’s Gaza food security program has worked to improve access to healthy foods and increase household income of Gaza’s most marginalized and food-insecure families. Centered around the construction of a greenhouse for each family, the program promotes more efficient use of limited land and water resources and longer growing seasons. Since the beginning, the program has improved the health and livelihoods of 87 families, most of whom continue to reap the harvest of their greenhouses. 
Grant approved - $5,000
photo: picking tomatoes inside a greenhouse in Gaza
College Students Bethlehem
Bright Stars of Bethlehem
Bright Stars continues to support the work of the Diyar Consortium and programs through the Christmas Lutheran Church, including the Dar al-Kalima University, accredited in 2013 as a four year (BA) institution dedicated to arts and culture and education for Palestinian students seeking economical and self-sustaining futures in their homeland. 
Grant approved - $2,500 
photo at right: college students at Dar al-Kalima 
najlaChurches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)
CMEP is planning a women’s summit “And Still We Rise: Elevating Global Voices for a Just Middle East” in the spring of 2021. This grant will support the planning process beginning in early 2020 and will include funding of organizational meetings with potential speakers and partners. Participants will include Palestinian civil society leaders from organizations like Al Haq, Adameer, Adalah, Bisan Center, WICLAC and others. Women leaders from Israeli human rights groups will also be invited. 
Grant approved - $2,500
photo at left: And Still We Rise CMEP summit, 2019, Rev. Najla Kassab, President of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) and Director of the Christian Education Department for the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) 
Kayan Feminist Organization
Three women with anti violence signKayan envisions a secure and just society free of gender-based discrimination, in which Arab Palestinian women in Israel enjoy full and equitable opportunities for self-actualization, and take a leading and active part in society through realizing their individual and collective rights. The grant will support a project to prevent and protect against the sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) to which Palestinian women in Israel are often subjugated. For Palestinian women in Israel, who live in a complex socio-political environment, in which they are marginalized minorities in an oppressive state and women in a patriarchal society, violence takes many forms including physical, sexual, legal, economic, social, and political ones. 
Grant approved - $5,000
photo at right: Women with anti- violence sign

image001Wi’Am, the Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center
Wi’Am works to strengthen local communities in the Bethlehem area and to support them in tackling increased family breakdowns and community tensions created by the current situation. Wi'am is rooted in the belief that helping people resolve their personal conflicts creates a culture of acceptance of others as they are. The Ministry of Reconciliation project is based on the premise of mediating conflicts at the community level that will tackle deep-seated and rising conflicts to bring about peaceful resolutions by enhancing social harmony and friendly environments. The activities will meet the human need for friendly relations and justice which preserves the dignity of each person in order to foster “normal” (non-deviant, non-violent behavior. The project will provide field mediation for personal and family conflicts, counseling sessions in cases of domestic violence and organize community meetings to discuss cases of conflicts, areas of intervention and ways of promoting reconciliation. 
Grant approved - $6,000


Projects Based in the United States

ICPR displayInterfaith Community for Palestinian Rights (ICPR)
ICPR is a non-profit organization in the Austin, TX area with the goal to promote peace with justice and security for all people in the Middle East … and to encourage universal cooperation to realize fulfillment of all legal rights of Palestinians in accord with international law and United Nations resolutions. This group began in 2000 as a study group led by an Episcopalian and has grown to include Presbyterians (several IPMN members), Methodists, Lutherans, Jews and Muslims.
ICPR is requesting a grant to help sponsor “Go and See” trips to Israel/Palestine to see the facts on the ground for themselves. The targeted participants for these trips would be key Presbyterian leaders – pastors and elders – in the Central Texas area. Each participant would commit to education and sharing within their own and other churches about their experiences. ICPR works closely with FOSNA. 
Grant approved - $4,500

JHJP logo textJoining Hands for Justice in Palestine and Israel (JHJPI)
JHJPI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. It is an ecumenical and interfaith organization that holds a series of educational events through the year. This grant is requested to support a pilot project that will develop a series of programs to be given at the many seminaries in the Atlanta area around the issues of anti-Palestinian and anti-Semitism. It is hoped that these programs will provide a greater understanding of the volatility in the Middle East, equip Christian leaders and seminarians to advocate for justice, liberation, and equality for our neighbors in Israel/Palestine. 
Grant approved - $6,000
PalestinePortalLogo verticalPalestine Portal / Kairos U.S.A.
Kairos U.S.A. is requesting this grant to hire a part-time consultant to assist them to expand the reach of Palestine Portal and to further populate the online sections of Mapping the Movement. Since Kairos is a voluntary organization, it is often necessary to engage professional help to move forward in particular areas. IPMN was instrumental in helping Kairos U.S.A. to get Palestine Portal in place beginning in 2013.  
Grant approved - $3,500




Total = $40,000

November 2019





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