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I/P Mission Network
Lord, we give thanks for the steadfastness of Palestinian activists who resist evil using nonviolence. We refuse to be silent. #amen
I/P Mission Network
Registration for the October IPMN Annual Meeting is OPEN! Join us for our gathering on just peace policies: https://t.co/46INj8i9Qq
I/P Mission Network
What didn’t you learn growing up about Israel? #YouNeverToldMe https://t.co/iPIbSHBgwu
I/P Mission Network
Vandals desecrate St. Stephen Church in Beit Gemal https://t.co/rXSP1jx94f #lordinyourmercy
I/P Mission Network
RT @IfNotNowOrg: Our members recall what they were never told as part of their Israel education. Join the #YouNeverToldMe campaign: https:/…
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