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I/P Mission Network
Tell Congress to reject Daniel Pipes and his Islamophobic ‘’Israel Victory Caucus’’ https://t.co/POTBbxWiOT https://t.co/o2e2sTpQci
I/P Mission Network
Will FIFA bow to Israeli pressure over settlement teams? https://t.co/9t0Xb2jrNH
I/P Mission Network
RT @palinfoen: Hunger-striking prisoners’ mothers protest outside Nativity Church https://t.co/EDXYhwr17G #Hunger_strike via PIC @PalinfoE
I/P Mission Network
RT @Presbyterian: Facing Racism, a #PCUSA effort to share antiracism resources w/the greater church. Visit https://t.co/lMQmAVg1Tb for more…
I/P Mission Network
RT @dviyer: In May, fed courts will hear the govt's appeals of the #MuslimBan. Join the Natl Week of Resistance (May 8-15) to declare #NoMu
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