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The Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) makes biennial grants to organizations/agencies that address human needs or economic development in Palestine, or provide education towards an understanding of Middle East history and present conflicts and challenges
Carol Hylkema
Grants Coordinator
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The next grants process begins in April, 2021.

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Grants 2019

tomatoes2On behalf of the Grants Committee, I’m very happy to share that the latest round of IPMN grants is complete and that we can announce the results for our 2019 grants. Before that, however, I would like to thank the members of the committee who read and studied the grant applications and participated vigorously in the decision-making process. Several committee members had either a professional or volunteer relationship with at least one of the applicants; these members recused themselves from all discussion about these applications and one member abstained from a vote on an application. We are all excited to share the grant recipients with you.

It would be impossible to even think about having a Grants Committee if there were not many very generous IPMN members who continue to share in our annual campaign each year. These second mile gifts are the sole source of the funds for the grants and come close to one-third of the annual IPMN budget. Many, many thanks for helping IPMN make a difference on the ground in Palestine/Israel and in this country to see that church members are educated on the issues of Israel/Palestine in as many ways as possible.

We received nine (9) applications for grants. Of these, five (5) applicants had received a previous grant. Each applicant submitted all of the required documents, and evaluations from previous grants, in a timely manner. Any and all questions that arose were answered satisfactorily. Each applicant was properly vetted. We were very happy that we had applications for both work on the ground in Israel/Palestine and for advocacy here in this country. We were also pleased that several IPMN priorities are addressed through grant proposals.

Overall, we felt that the process worked well and that we might, finally, have this figured out so that grant checks can be processed efficiently and in a timely way. We hope that all grant funds will be received by the recipients before the end of the year. Since there was no grants process in 2018, we had the combined amount of $40,000 for the 2019 process. What a joy it is to be able to consider numerous applications and to be able to grant funds to each of them.

As a part of our process, we had a thorough conversation and made recommendations to the Steering Committee on two items of concern; the Steering Committee agreed with our recommendations on the following:

  • From now on, the Grants Committee will conduct a grants process biennially during odd numbered non-GA years. Rationale: There is a considerable amount of work to do when going through this process and doing it biennially would help spread it out. We would expect that there would be about the same number of grant applications biennially as would occur annually. Having the combined amount of funds available biennially for the grants enables the committee to recommend funding/partial funding for most of the applicants where on an annual basis, this would probably would not be possible.
  • From now on, the maximum amount of a grant will be $5,000. Rationale: IPMN will never be a major granting organization. It is unrealistic to think that we could fund grants of more than $5,000 and be able to make several grants each time.
Carol Hylkema
for the Grants Committee

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Grants Committee:

Kyle Cristofalo (National Capital)                        

Katherine Cunningham (Monmouth)                  

Sarah Humphrey (Greater Atlanta)

Carol Hylkema (Detroit)    

Marita Mayer (Redwoods)

Susan Wilder (National Capital)               


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