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Each year, the Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) makes grants to organizations/agencies that address human needs in Palestine, economic development in Palestine or provide education on understanding the nature of the Middle East and its conflicts. In 2013, IPMN was pleased to provide grants totaling $14,000.00. These grants are a significant portion of the annual campaign which IPMN conducts.


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2016 IPMN Grants


It is with great sadness and frustration that IPMN has suspended the 2016 grant process until the 2017 grant process. There have been many complications in figuring out how to vet projects/programs that are not “official” PC(USA) partners. The PC(USA) staff in Louisville is tasked with the responsibility of vetting all potential recipients. Over the last several years, requirements have become much more stringent from the I.R.S., and reduced staff and a change in the staff related to IPMN have made it very difficult to vet any project outside “official” church partners.


More than a few of our recent grant recipients have been project/program proposals coming from IPMN members and friends who have established relationships when traveling in the region. We are anxious to be able to consider these proposals, but vetting them is not easy. We are attempting to put a vetting process into place that will assure the PC(USA), Littlefield Presbyterian Church (our fiduciary agent) and IPMN members that all requirements have been met before approving any grants.


Putting the process in place has caused a great deal of angst on the part of the grant sub-committee and for me as we know that folks are praying to be one of the recipients of an IPMN grant. We are very urgently hoping that we can get this worked out before the end of 2016, so we can fully promote the 2017 grants.


Linda Brebner, chair of the IPMN grant sub-committee, will be communicating with the writers of any grant proposals she may have already received for 2016. We will hold the proposals for the 2017 process if the writer desires to do that.


We look forward to resuming the grants in 2017 when we will have both the 2016 and 2017 funds available to give to worthy project/program proposals. When we have the process in place, we will put the application form and other pertinent paperwork back on the IPMN web page. 


Carol Hylkema

chair of IPMN Funds Development Committee

August 2016


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